GO WILD ON CHILDREN'S DAY Posted on February 8th, 2016

June 01, 2015

Nowadays, some parents are so busy with work and businesses that they rarely have the time to take their children to places for holidays. For this reason, parents always seek activities that are educational to improve their kids’ intelligence besides of going on holidays.

Schools are the institutes that provide children education and build them to become positive individuals in the future. Furthermore, Toys also play important role in developing children’s smartness, creativity and are kids’ best friends during their leisure time.

Petit Bateau which is a kid’s clothing brand, together with Vattanac Capital, organized a Go Wild on Children’s Day event and was joined by many students from many schools to play games and show their talent as well as intelligence during the Talent Show for three days at Vattanac Capital.

The event was created in the purpose of enabling children to perform their skills and talent which they have been trained at schools yet never have the opportunity to show it. Prize to Winners are sponsored by Petit Bateau, Toys & Me and Denriche Asia.

What more special was that there were booths where each brand showcased their latest collections: Petit Bateau which is a French company and has received it place in its customers’ heart through its finest quality of their products and that has made Petit Bateau available in more than 200 countries with more than 400 stores around the world. With its edgy style and creativity, Petit Bateau is the first choice in customers’ mind when it comes to kid fashion.

Toy & Me is a shop with many kind of toys available and is every kid’s most favorite toy shop in town. Its products are all of high quality and safety for kids.
Chateau de Sable is a famous French brand which offers many kinds of kid’s clothes with many fun and trend catching designs.

The event was receive participants from both near and far to support their kids and see their talent on the stage during the Talent Show. The source of these intelligence or talent is from going to right schools that provide the right curriculum and training.

Lastly, Vattanac Capital, Petit Bateau, Toy & Me, Chateau de Sable and Denriche Asia thanked to all customers for the support and confidence in our products.