LEED - Water Efficiency


Buildings are major users of clean potable water. Therefore, they can play a major role in reducing the demand on local municipalities. The intent is to reduce water consumption and the burden on municipal water supply and waste water. Vattanac Capital has taken steps to use water wisely and conserve resources, and achieved significant water reduction:

* Low flow water closet (with 3.5 litres full flush, 2.5 litres half flush)
* Urinals (1 litre per flush)
* Water efficient faucets (1.8 litres per minute)
* Showers (5.7 litres per minute)

A rainwater harvesting system is installed with a capacity of 60 cubic metres. The water collected will be used for irrigation of the landscape area and for cleansing. The irrigation demand can be achieved 100% by rainwater.

Water Use Reduction

Vattanac Capital has achieved significant water savings. Potable water use from the local municipalities and wastewater has been reduced by 49% and 55% respectively compared with LEED v2009 Baseline Criteria.

Rainwater Harvesting System for Irrigation

Rainwater harvesting system with a 60m3: collection tank is installed to meet 100% irrigation water demand. This is equivalent to 415,127 litres of water saving per year, enough to fil one-sixth of swimming pool. The 60m3 rain water harvesting system helps stormwater management and reduces stormwater runoff volume by 26.61%.