LEED - Materials and Resources


Vattanac Capital uses regional materials within 500 miles of the site. The percentage of regional materials is estimated to be 14% of total construction materials. The preference of local materials has helped the project to control and minimise its embodied energy.

Vattanac Capital practises a waste management strategy which adheres to the “3 Rs” Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Vattanac Capital provides segregated recycling points for plastics, paper, metal, glass, cardboard on every floor. The recycling provision on Basement 1 serves as the main collection point. The construction process also adopted waste reduction and has achieved over 50% by segregating scrap materials for recycling and re-use materials on site.

Regional Materials

Vattanac Capital source 14% of its materials from Binh Buong Province, Vietnam and locally from Phnom Penh, within 500 miles of the site. The use of regional building materials reduces transportation activities and associated pollution. Trunks, trains, ships, and other vehicles deplete finite reserves fossil fuels and generate air pollution.