LEED - Indoor Environmental Quality


It has been proven that green buildings create more productive working environments for occupants.

Studies show green buildings have employees with lower turnover rates, fewer sick days and higher productivity, Vattanac Capital recognises the importance of a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

Vattanac Capital has a non-smoking policy, and provides a rate of fresh air which exceeds that of international standard ASHRAE 62.1-2007 by at least 30%.

  • Low-emitting materials have been used throughout the development to ensure an excellent indoor air quality.
  • The curtain wall system allows occupants to enjoy daylight as well as visual access to the outdoor environment.
  • Environmental construction methods have been adopted to manage the indoor air quality during construction.

In addition to selecting low emitting materials, Vattanac Capital uses durable materials which are non-toxic and have good moisture resistance.

Entryway System

Vattanac Capital has employed 10 feet long roll-out mats at all entrances, which can capture up to 52% dirt and particulates entering the building

Air Filtration

MERV 13 filters with a dust spot efficiency of more than 89% and arrestance of 90% are provided to all Air Handling Units to filter outdoor airborne chemicals and particles effectively.