LEED - Energy and Atmosphere


Vattanac Capital gains its distinctive characteristics of its curtain wall with good insulation and very low shading coefficient to reduce solar heat gain and energy loss maximising the penetration of light. The lighting power density is 9 W/m2 and efficacy of light fixtures is above 85 lm/W. Daylight sensors have integrated to dim or switch off electrical lighting when daylight can be harvested.

Vattanac Capital is controlled and operated by the state-of-the-art Building Management system (BMS). The BMS controls the operation of the chillers, primary/secondary chilled water pumps, condenser water pumps, cooling towers, fan coil units, AHU and PAU, fan control system, heat exchangers, VAV boxes and lighting system for the retail and office areas.

Good ventilation is essential to give fresh air and help to protect a building against dampness and condensation. Vattanac Capital has a central chiller plant with three water-cooled 3,517 kW chillers and two 1,760 kW water cooled chillers. Small chillers are intended to provide light load operation. The primary and secondary pumping system designed for the chilled water distribution system have a variable speed secondary pump. The cooling tower is equipped with two-speed fan motors and effective drift eliminators in order to reduce the water loss. VAV air conditioning system is provided. CO2 sensors are provided for each AHU to monitor the return air condition and adjust the fresh air supply rate to match the designed fresh air rate of 8.5 litres per second per person. An alarm will be raised when the CO2 level varies by 10%.

Chiller and Refrigerants

Vattanac Capital has installed the YK VSD chiller to deliver outstanding performance. The industrial design of the YK yields a reliable, long lasting operation for a variety of installations and applications.

The YK VSD chiller operates with HFC-134a refrigerant, which has zero ozone- depletion potential and low total global-warming potential.

Environmental preferable refrigerants R134a, R407c, and R410a for HVAC&R system reduce the emission of compounds that contribute to ozone depletion and global climate changes by 13% compared to the LEED v2009 threshold.

Energy Performance

Vattanac Capital has achieved 14.65% reduction in energy consumption compared to ASHARE 90.1-2007.

Lift Regenerative System

Vattanac Capital has installed the lift regenerative system, which reduces the energy consumption of lifts by 31.3% compared with conventional lift systems.